Where are the Most Homes Listed for Sale?

When it comes to finding homes listed for sale, Florida is the leader with 248 active listings per 10,000 homes. Learn more about pocket listings and real estate investing tips.

Where are the Most Homes Listed for Sale?

When it comes to the number of homes for sale, Florida is the clear leader with 248 active listings per 10,000 homes. Hawaii and Georgia are not far behind, with 22 and 2 listings respectively. This is due to the balance between supply and demand in these areas. A pocket listing, also known as an “off-market listing”, is a real estate agreement that allows prospective buyers to view and buy a home before it goes on the market.

This type of listing is not marketed in the same way as a traditional ad, so there are no montage or professional photographs available online. Louisiana had the lowest share of homes that sold for more than the list price, but even there 19 percent of homes surpassed that mark. In addition to traditional listings, Zillow is a great resource for buyers and sellers. It is free to use and instead makes money by charging advertising fees to agents, lenders, and other home service providers.

Homes sell above the initial list price from March to May, which is higher than at any other time of the year. In Colorado, another state where most homes sold for more than the asking price, inventory of homes for sale represents only a few weeks of supply. When buying a home off the market, one thing is clear: there is less competition and you don't have to anticipate anyone coming in and embarrassing your offer. To find an off-market listing, you'll want to find an entrepreneur who can contact owners of their dream home to see if they would consider selling their home for the right price.

Many websites charge sellers to list their homes for sale or for property managers to contact their tenants through the app or website. If you think buying a home that isn't in foreclosure can be a little confusing, buying a foreclosure comes with its own set of rules that scare a lot of people off. In a handful of states, more than half of the homes sold in March traded for more than they paid. Competition with all those other persistent listings leads many sellers to lower prices in late summer and early fall, hoping to finally attract a buyer. In recent months, sales prices have served as a starting point in many markets; popular properties are selling for tens of thousands of dollars above their sales prices. A higher proportion of homes sold in the spring months sell for a premium than homes sold at any other time of the year.

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